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We tend to reach for Hipertech oil products– but that doesn’t mean that’s all we have to offer!


Our clients also enjoy  the option to choose from a selection of other top brands, based on preference. Regardless of the supplier, our clients can rest easy knowing we carry only the best quality products on the market.


Keep reading to learn more about the products and merchandise that we carry in our shop.

/Our Products

Hipertech Oils

Short for High Performance Technology.  Hipertech offers a variety of greases, synthetic oils, specialized lubricants, anti-friction treatments, fuel treatments, 2-cycle motor oils, rustproofing treatment, degreasers and care products.  


Hipertech’s mission is to develop lubricants that surpass the highest industry standards while continuing to maintain the high quality service that has contributed to its solid and reliable reputation.


Please see our top selling Hipertech Oil products.

  • Hipertech 20W50 MIN
  • Hipertech 25W60 MIN
  • Hipertech 20W50 - VT TECHSYN

Shop Headrush Clothing

The Headrush brand was born in 2008, designed and crafted by a generation of hardworking and determined folks with the adrenaline junky in mind. Embedded in everything they do is dedication and passion.


Established as a way of life, Headrush has created a clothing line that emanates pride and strength. Over the years Headrush’s daring style has been embraced by many;  from the everyday man to the bold and daring, from the plain Jane to the women with the confidence and pride to stand by their decisions. 


For the true individuals with grit and tenacity.  When designing for the men, their approach is to accentuate strength, promote brotherhood and reward determination. For their ladies collection, it is all about empowering them through mind, body and spirit.  


A unique brand that champions resilience in the face of any and all adversity and the courage to live high intensity experiences. Their mission is to deliver the feeling of confidence, strength and belief in all of the clothing they create.   As they put it ; “Headrush is a movement. In our world, FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE.”

For a complete list of merchandise that we carry in the shop, please reach out to us directly using our contact form!